Ligurian Air Rules

  • All Pilots must have an Active Account on IVAO ( or VATSIM (
  • All Pilots must have at least 100 hours pilot on IVAO or VATSIM networks
  • All Pilots must have minimum 16 Years Old
  • All Pilots must know English Aeronautical Phraseology
  • All Pilots must know VFR and IFR Bases
  • All Pilots must know how to consult the Aeronautical Charts
  • All Pilots must know how to Decode a METAR and a TAF
  • Every Pilots must know (at least) deep knowledge on one fleet aircraft (checklists and procedures)
  • All Pilots must acknowledge and Accept the Regulations reported in Company Operational Manual
  • Every Pilot must be Connected to Discord Company Channel when flight with "LGX" Callsign
  • It is mandatory for our VA to log every 6 months: 8 flights and 8 hours
  • New pilots have to log the first flight within 30 days of the VA registration or the account will be deleted immediately


  • Flying on IVAO Network requires to be compliant with IVAO Policies.