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Event name Status Start date (Zulu) End date (Zulu) Organizer Description
Ciao Roma! Not started yet Tue 2024-06-18 19:00:00 Tue 2024-06-18 21:00:00 VATSIM DESCRIPTION Dear pilots, VATITA is welcoming you all to fly in the Rome FIR, where we'll offer just the best of services, from the top to the bottom, covering the airports of Fiumicino (LIRF), Ciampino (LIRA) and Urbe (LIRU). Come and fly in or out of the busiest airport in Italy, LIRF, or a bizjet-favorite LIRA. Fancy some VFR? LIRU is waiting for you! Pick your favorite plane, and fly in and out of our beautiful country, maybe connecting with our dear neighbors! There's something for everyone, so contact Roma on 124.200!
FLY 2 THE BLACK SEA (LBWN) Not started yet Thu 2024-06-20 17:00:00 Thu 2024-06-20 20:00:00 VATSIM We are pleased to invite you to our FLY 2 BLACK SEA Event at Varna Airport (LBWN), scheduled for Thursday 20/06/2024 from 17:00 to 20:00 Zulu time. For charts and additional information, kindly visit: Fly High, Soar Higher!
HiSky Event Night Not started yet Fri 2024-06-21 17:00:00 Fri 2024-06-21 20:00:00 VATSIM Don't make plans for Friday 21st of June and join us by saying "HiSky" to our Event Night held between LROP and LRCL starting at 17z!
Vienna–Adria HUB Not started yet Sat 2024-06-22 14:00:00 Sat 2024-06-22 19:00:00 VATSIM VATAdria, Austria vACC and vAUA present: Vienna – Adria HUB
Faro Summer Fly In Not started yet Sat 2024-06-22 14:00:00 Sat 2024-06-22 18:00:00 VATSIM FLY TO FARO! Portugal vACC invites you to fly to one of Portugal's busiest airports. You can expect full aerodrome staffing aswell as some adjacent positions from 1400 to 1800z. See you there!
Lyon-Barcelona City Shuttle Not started yet Sat 2024-06-22 14:00:00 Sat 2024-06-22 17:00:00 VATSIM Summer is back! To celebrate the start of the summer season, the French vACC and the VATSIM Spain invites you to a bidirectional shuttle between the city of lights, Lyon and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona!
Summer Begins: Munich - Palma Airbridge Not started yet Sun 2024-06-23 15:00:00 Sun 2024-06-23 20:00:00 IVAO On 23 June between 15:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC our Munich-Palma Airbridge will take place. Fly the endless number of holidaymakers from Munich (EDDM) to Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) and / or the pensioners, bachelors and bowling clubs back to Munich. Numerous ATC in Munich, Palma de Mallorca and at the center positions are looking forward to an exciting event with you!
Ciao Milano! Not started yet Tue 2024-06-25 19:00:00 Tue 2024-06-25 21:00:00 VATSIM DESCRIPTION Dear pilots, VATITA welcomes you to our NEW weekly event in Milano!
Connecting Capitals | Heathrow <> Algiers Dual Airbridge Not started yet Thu 2024-06-27 16:00:00 Thu 2024-06-27 20:00:00 IVAO The XU and DZ Divisions are taking part in a Dual Airbridge between Heathrow (EGLL) and Algiers (DAAG). Start those engines and embark on some scenic view up and over the Balearic sea to and from Africa.
Dual Airbridge Linz and Thessaloniki Not started yet Fri 2024-06-28 16:00:00 Fri 2024-06-28 20:00:00 IVAO Imagine getting on a plane in Linz and just a few hours later getting off in Thessaloniki, the pearl of the Aegean Sea. With the Dual Airbridge: Linz - Thessaloniki on June 28th, 2024 from 16z - 20z you can experience exactly that. Over the hills of the Upper Austrian landscapes to the beaches of Greece. This airbridge not only connects two cities, but two worlds full of beauty and discoveries. Pack your bags, get on the plane and see for yourself!
Brussels Mega Slot Event Not started yet Sun 2024-06-30 09:00:00 Sun 2024-06-30 16:00:00 IVAO < < PRIVATE SLOT

Latest 5 flight reports

Flight No. Leg Pilot Aircraft Date Landing Rate Score
LGX13A LICA- LGKR   LGX13A B737-800X LIGURIAN I-ZIBO 2024-06-17 -523fpm 90
LGX96Z OPSK- OPMT   LGX96Z PMDG 737-800 LIGURIAN AIR I-LGMO 2024-06-17 -211fpm 160
LGX92M OPSK- OPMT   LGX92M FENIXA320_LGXIBOAT 2024-06-17 -308fpm 130
LGX13A LIMC- LIBR   LGX13A B737-800X LIGURIAN I-ZIBO 2024-06-17 -209fpm 185
LGX57W LEVC- LIMF   LGX57W FAIRCHILD METRO III 2024-06-17 -121fpm 180

Top 5 Best Landing of the Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Score
  Stefano Fornasiero LGX17V LGMK 2024-06-17 -200fpm 185
  Alessandro Chiesa LGX13A LIBR 2024-06-17 -209fpm 185
  Michelangelo Parlione LGX57W LEVC 2024-06-16 -191fpm 185
  Luca Corso LGX01L LESA 2024-06-16 -191fpm 160
  Mirko Zennaro LGX96Z OPMT 2024-06-17 -211fpm 160

Top 5 Best Scores of the Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Score Landing Rate
  Luca Corso LGX0164 LIME 2024-06-16 210 -220fpm
  Umberto Pedrotti LGX74P LIME 2024-06-16 210 -179fpm
  Luca Corso LGX0153 EDDS 2024-06-15 210 -222fpm
  Michelangelo Parlione LGX57W LIRN 2024-06-13 210 -161fpm
  Michelangelo Parlione LGX57W LIMC 2024-06-11 210 -224fpm

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Davide Porcaro Italy Italy LIMF 2024-03-17
  Simone Rolando Italy Italy LIMJ 2024-03-11
  Antonino Zappalà Italy Italy LIPZ 2023-12-30
  Francesco Drake U.S.A U.S.A LIMJ 2023-09-01
  Alessandro Pacini Italy Italy LIRF 2023-08-19
  Alexander Hill Ireland Ireland LICC 2023-07-28
  Alessio Prencja Italy Italy LIML 2023-06-15


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