Meet the team

Since the years of the high school it's been in the thoughts of the two founders Luca and Stefano the creation of a virtual airline based in their hometown, Genoa in Italy, that would gave them the opportunity to simulate the company of their dream. Only with the joint of Roberto, the third fouder, the dream became reality indeed. Nowadays Ligurian Air it's a company proudly joined by more than thirty higly experienced and promptly selected virtual (but not only) pilots.

Luca Corso

Founder & CEO

Administrator and CEO of Ligurian Air

Roberto Gandolfo

Founder & Event department

Founder, Administrator and Webmaster


Stefano Balistreri


Administrator and Founder


Umberto Pedrotti

ACARS Operative Director

ACARS Operative Director and WebMaster


Stefano Fornasiero

Livery Manager

Responsible of Airline Aircrafts Livery


Alessandro Mazza

Flight Operation Center

Flight Operation Center


Dan Blackyet

Chief Pilot

Provides leadership and management of pilots, schedules and records to maintain efficient and safe flight operations.


Roberto Chiartano

Repainter & Dispatcher

Livery Repainter & Dispatcher


Michelangelo Parlione


Repainter xplane